11. Support

11.1. User Forum

Please post any feedback, support requests and ideas for the future to the Cate User Forum.

11.2. Issue Tracking

Bugs, feature requests, suggestions for improvements should be reported in the Cate Issue Tracker.

11.3. Contributing

We are happy to receive pull requests from your fork of the Cate repository on GitHub.

11.4. Known Issues

11.4.1. Data Access

  1. When running Cate / Cate Desktop on Windows and accessing data from the ESA Open Data Portal, you may receive a SSL certificate verify failed error. The workaround is to visit the ESGF Portal at CEDA web side using Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. This will cause your browser to register the website URL in question with your operating system’s trusted SSL certificates. See also Issue #64.

  2. Not all datasets from offered by the ESA CCI Open Data Portal can be used in Cate. Please check the ODP Datasets and Data Access Issues page to see whether you problem with a dataset is known and if there are already fixes / workarounds.

11.4.2. Other

We have collected all other known issues in the Cate Issue Tracker. If you encounter a problem, please search for it there first.