6.5.4. Index Calculation Operation

Operation name:Index Calculation
Description:This Operation serves for calculation of (pre-defined) indices involving spatial and temporal averaging, anomalies, standardization, filtering etc.
Utilised in:Use Case #6 Workflow Options

name:Niño3.4 index
description:five month running mean of anomalies of monthly means of SST in Niño3.4 region (120°W-170°W, 5°S- 5°N), see UCAR webpage on El Niño indices
settings:time series calculation, Boolean El Niño (threshold +0.4 deg C), Boolean La Niña (threshold -0.4 deg C) Input data

name:longitude (lon, x)
type:floating point number
range:[-180.; +180.] respectively [0.; 360.]
description:grid information on longitudes

name:latitude (lat, y)
type:floating point number
range:[-90.; +90.]
description:grid information on latitudes

name:height (z)
type:floating point number
range:[-infinity; +infinity]
description:grid information on height/depth

type:floating point number
range:[-infinity; +infinity]
dimensionality:cube or 4D
description:values of (a) certain variable(s)

name:time (steps)
type:integer or double
range:[0; +infinity]
description:days/months since … Output data

name:index timeseries (values or Boolean)
type:floating point or Boolean
description:timeseries of values or Boolean results of index calculation